Monday, October 25, 2010

Why all the fascination with old modules?

Asked one of my co-workers when I was commenting on my recent acquisitions, including a copy of the original X1 - Isle of Dread.

Nostalgia is, admittedly, something challenging to get past. 15 years of something being only in one's memory does make the heart grow fonder.

Let's see what 4e is up to these days

Not that it's necessarily a bad thing. If I'm living in the past, apparently I have company.

Wednesday, October 13, 2010

Curse these random thoughts!

My two-year D&D campaign wrapped up a couple weeks ago. Do I feel like talking about it? Yeah maybe, but not right now. Nothing really negative, I just feel ready to move on. Some analysis would be nice, when I can direct my thoughts to it.

I was thinking about Disney's Ducktales - you can probably find videos on youtube, articles on wikia. I figure you can find them because I am writing this from my phone.

Anyways, Ducktales has Scrooge McDuck, who has gone from being the principal character in some Dickens adaptation (I will leave it as an excercise to the audience to guess which one)

Scrooge has gone from being the subject of a morality play to being a heroic foil, somewhere between Daddy Warbucks and Howard Hughes, looking after his grand-nephews. Those boys don't apparently have parents or grandparents, just an uncle, and that uncle has an uncle who is also their uncle.. anyways..

These very new englander ducks live in Duckberg, a town populated by a lot of other ducks, and some dogs, notably the Beagle Boys (and their mother)..

Why are there dogs living in Duckberg.. are they immigrants? I don't remember a lot of other dogs in the show, but they were generally in a antagonistic role. Mean kids, or nasty rivals.. the poor folk who are always looking for chances to knock Scrooge and his ilk down a peg.

There were "badguy" duck-people in the show as well, but they were generally very high-class.. business rivals, or white-collar criminals.

Is the real message of this disney cartoon that disenfranchised immigrants are all untrustworthy criminals, always the bad guys? Am I overthinking this? These last two should also be left to the reader to decide.