Friday, May 6, 2011

another month of limited progress

I should really look into.. something.. dunno. make myself post more often.

The game design project rolls on, in my head if nowhere else. I think it's going to stall completely if I don't do some playtesting soon.

The last couple weeks have seen my busrides consumed by Game of Thrones. Don't want to do a review or spoiler. It is good, consider reading it. It is a hard world. At times it is painful to read about. It does not stop being fascinating for a second.

Anyhoo.. finished it last night, and this morning started thinking about the game project. Not going to really take anything from the book, or don't intend to. I do think I'll stick to the standard tolkien fantasy troperriffic races for now. Of course my elves are different. So are my goblins. Was giving them some thought this morning. Nothing on paper, but some definite thoughts going on.